Welcome Teachers, to The Door That is Not Locked website!

As educators, you play such an important role in the lives of your students. The very nature of your day-to-day interactions with children puts you in a very special position to build on the safety skills they may be learning at home — particularly Internet safety.

Today’s students are spending more and more time online — both in school and during their leisure time. While the online world can be a very exciting and helpful place for them — allowing them to conduct research for school projects, play fun games or just interact with one another — the Internet is a completely public and potentially dangerous environment. It is a door that is not locked, that can pose risks to your students.

Teaching your students about online safety

While Internet safety may already be a part of your school's curriculum, this website is meant to be an additional resource for all educators. On this website you will find a variety of resources and tools to help teach your students about Internet safety. From learning more about the popular online activities your students are using, to better understanding online risks and trends, this site will provide you with all the educational materials needed to help you teach your students ways they can protect themselves and stay safe while online.

How to use this site:

Simply click on one of the tabs above with the corresponding Grade level you are looking for Internet safety information on. You will then find on the left-hand side a list of four categories (“The 411 on Internet activities,” “Relationships and the Internet,” “Child Development,” and “Internet Safety Tools for Teachers”) that you can click on for more exciting and comprehensive age-specific Internet safety information.


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